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Rocky and Sarah - Adventures in Love

Explore the World with Us

Our Story

We are Rocky and Sarah, two adventurers in love. We travel the world sometimes in our van named Tina and we share our favorite experiences on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media communities. We think now is a great time for people who live and love like us to explore, adventure, and love!

Why Choose Us

Adventure tips

There is more to adventure planning than most travel bloggers include. We have simplified your next adventure with guides, tips, and online features that help you stay safe and explore!

Diverse Experiences

We know you don't see enough diversity and representation in the travel space. We will show you a wider perspective on popular travel methods including van life and top destinations. 

travel stories

Our YouTube and Instagram feeds are filling up with wonderful stories and media from our first 2 years on the road. As we search the globe for a place to call homes and prepare for big changes, you get a front row seat. 

7 Day PORTUGAL Travel Vlog! Lisbon and The Algarve (Things to Eat, See, and Try!)
Rocky and Sarah

Travel with us

South Korea: March 2024


"Adventuring with your boop is best" 

Rocky and Sarah

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